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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tractor Parts

Have a Kubota B6200 diesel tractor with a B1650 front loader ... the controller for the front loaded got loser and loser. Went to a local shop and the sent me to call a used parts reseller ... no joy.  So then went to the dealer and the the hydraulic controller wasn't available ... out of stock. So I went to the local rebuilder and they could not find parts for it. So it was up to me ... the unit is part number 27FABS6M1AB (was actually so dirty that I thought the number was 27FAB56M1AB), and was made by Victor Fluid Power, which was out of business in the 1980s. The people there opened under a new name, called Granite Fluid Power ( but they sold off the 27FAB line to DanFoss. Then DanFoss merged with Sauer and now they are Sauer-DanFoss ( ... but they sold it off to QC Corp ( Contacted them and found out that the valve is available for ~$700 as their part number 156B2126. Ouch !! So I then asked for a re-build kit, called a Detent/Float kit ... and that part number is 156B8566 ... and it's under $70. Delivered the parts to the re-builder and for $120 to them, now have a new controller.  No leaks ... tight ... works great.


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